We started with a vision

In 2012, Next Generation Leadership Idaho didn’t have a headquarters, any resources, or even a name. But, we had the vision to provide more opportunity to young progressives across Idaho. Many leaders, including Representative Mat Erpelding, recognize that emerging leaders have limited opportunities to develop, which hampers efforts to improve Idaho's political balance. Providing opportunities to young leaders is critical to Idaho's future. So, they sought opportunities to help the next generation to be better, stronger, and more successful than the one before it. And what is the best way to achieve this? By providing young leaders opportunities to "learn by doing," take risks, and gain hands-on experience. Initially, NextGen Idaho hired seasonal workers during the legislative sessions. But this only provided a few months of training, and it was only in Boise. We knew that a coordinated statewide initiative is critical to creating lasting change in Idaho. Now, NextGen is official. And it’s comprised of Idaho’s brightest young minds who are working across Idaho to advance our values. While NextGener's invest their efforts into Idaho, we invest in them. This program prepares future progressive leaders to hit the ground running by advancing their development. We provide well-earned salaries, employee benefits, and professional training in key political positions. NextGeners take on political communications, legal assistance, event management, campaign management, field organizing, and much more. Investing in Idaho’s next generation is essential because we value fresh perspectives that transcend entrenched party lines. More importantly, it secures a healthy future for Idaho.