Heather Colwell

Two-Time Winning Legislative Campaign Manager

Age 26

Heather worked for the House Minority Caucus as a Policy and Communications Aide in 2017. She helped draft bills, maintained constituent relations, managed remote internships at the University of Idaho, and much more. The high-intensity environment helped Heather prepare to lead the campaign trail, organizing communities, activating voters, and eventually flipping two seats in the Idaho Legislature.

"After working in the Idaho House of Representatives, I have found that one cannot work in the Idaho Legislature without feeling they have gotten at least two semesters of collegial level education from the experience,” Heather said. "I learned a lot about state politics, policy, people, and power. I also learned a lot about what I would and wouldn't like to do in my future political work.

Heather is currently consulting campaigns, working at a marketing firm and about to enter into a concurrent degree program pursuing a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Idaho and the U of I College of Law.

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