Josh Scholer

Idaho Voices for Children Policy Specialist

Age 23

Josh worked as a Policy Aide in 2014 & 2015 to help the minority caucus draft legislation, his favorite piece being the Vaping Bill. He dove into policy and state comparative research, gathered input from stakeholders, and worked closely with the Legislative Services Office. Josh said this experience gave him a baseline for understanding the Ins and Outs of politics, along with the sheer complexities and nuances behind creating policy. He emphasized how critically important it is to get policy right because of its potential ripple effects that touch many other areas of people's lives.

“It taught me the value of forging meaningful, long-lasting relationships in order to get things done,” Josh said. “Additionally, it taught me how to work efficiently and effectively within a very high-paced environment that is always fluid and in flux... skills that are incredibly invaluable in today's economy.”

Josh currently works for Idaho Voices for Children. His key focuses are healthcare, education, and housing affordability in Idaho. He will attend the University of Idaho Law School in the Fall of 2019 and plans to continue working in the public policy/lobbying sector.

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