Pocatello Field Organizer

NextGen members are placed in their region to help campaigns and organize the community. NextGen Field Organizers are responsible for organizing people to increase involvement in progressive politics, helping elect candidates, helping to support incumbents, and promoting a sustainable culture of civic engagement.

We believe organizational power is built by engaging and developing the leadership of the emerging generation. Each campaign is strategically implemented to hold far-right candidates or elected officials in key races accountable to their communities during the 2020 elections.

Field organizers are responsible for building teams of volunteers and developing organizational programs that identify and mobilize the community to engage in pivotal issues. Organizers will participate in designing field plans, setting and hitting goals, planning events, and identifying strategic opportunities to expand the scale and scope of NextGen.

Field organizers will work with both a statewide and local team to achieve organizational priorities.

Job Activities:

1. Develops organizing strategy, secures resources, and organizes staff and volunteer efforts.

2. Identify, develop and engage volunteers to build powerful campaigns that also create enduring power in communities.

3. Identify and develop volunteers who will work as part of a team and build networks.

4. Canvas neighborhoods and secure relevant data from potential supporters.

4. Seeks opportunities to advance the recognition and credibility of the NextGen brand and any supported campaigns.

5. Identify new partnerships and engagement strategies where appropriate. Maintain and develop partnerships with allied groups who share common goals and values.

6. With the NextGen team, plans and coordinates strategy and activities to obtain coverage in regional and statewide media outlets.

7. Ensures information, research, data, and other information is appropriately gathered, organized and used strategically in a timely manner.

8. Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Application Deadline-applications should be received no later than November 20th, 2019. The goal is to hire and start a new Pocatello NextGen staff member by November 30th.

Next Generation Leadership Idaho is an equal opportunity employer. We actively encourage people of color and Native Americans to apply for this position and all positions at NextGen Idaho.