Nextgener Q & A

What are we looking for in a NextGener?

NextGen prides itself on welcoming all kinds of different skill-sets and educational backgrounds. However, we expect each NextGener to have a strong work ethic, be quick on their feet, and to play well with others. NextGeners are creative, organized, punctual, and comfortable with working in a fast-paced environment. Idaho progressive leaders continuously depend on them, and that is a pressure all NextGeners embrace.

If I lack previous political experience, what do I do?

Simple, apply anyways! Many of these positions do not require previous political experience, like communications, cinematography, finance, business, & even science. You learn about politics as you go - that’s one of the many job benefits.

If I am currently swamped with school or another job, what do I do?

NextGeners work various hours for these very understandable reasons. You can apply to be part-time, but some positions simply require more hours and so may limit your job offerings. If you have too much going on, we suggest first pursuing an internship, where you can contribute only 10-15 hours a week.

Can NextGeners work remotely?

Yes. Although we are based out of Boise, we have Regional Directors stationed across the state from Moscow to Coeur d'Alene. Fieldwork, fundraising, and campaigning efforts are always needed everywhere. However, opportunities might be limited to in-between election cycles.

What are the employee benefits for NextGeners?

All NextGeners are guaranteed a salary that is appropriate for their positions and work hours. NextGeners also get to attend free of charge high-profile events like IDLCC winter celebration, Frank & Bethine Church Gala, & trainings, bonding events, and conferences.

What kind of resources do I have as a NextGener?

All NextGeners have the backing of our NextGen Staff, Board of Directors, & Advisory Board. Each NextGener receives training from their predecessor or staff member. They also have the full support and experience of their regional Board of Director, who will oversee their progress. Tangible resources for properly executing the job include access to necessary NextGen funds, legislative office space, equipment & technology, online software, subscriptions, & more.

What is the difference between a NextGen position and an Internship?

NextGen positions are paid positions with very clear expectations and desired outcomes.. Whereas internship opportunities shown on our site are unaffiliated (usually unpaid) opportunities from other groups, like election campaigns, the IDLCC, IDP, or the Senate and House Minority Chief of Staff. We display them so it’s easier for those seeking an internship to find them.

When should I pursue an internship instead of a NextGen position?

Internships are an amazing way to dip your toe in politics. Many current NextGeners worked as interns on the 2016 and 2018 Elections Campaign Cycle or for the Legislative Session. Moreover, your internship experience opens the door for a greater opportunity with NextGen. If you are in high school or early into your college years with no previous political experience, start your journey with an internship.

What if there is a specific legislative official I wish to work for through NextGen?

It’s very common for job opportunities to be available with minority leadership in the Legislature. We highly suggest notifying us of your request via email and in the “Additional Comments” if you are currently applying. Please also try to get in touch with this legislator on your own to verify if they’re on board.