Why invest in Idaho Next Generation Leadership?

NextGen goes beyond being causeworthy. Your donation is a practical and lucrative investment.

REASON ONE: Idaho’s future

Idaho cannot move forward with stagnate leadership. Period. We change this reality by fueling and mobilizing new leadership. NextGen does just that by training young progressive activists to be campaign managers, political directors, mass fundraisers, and future legislators. NextGen means we are preparing for Idaho’s future. With strong young leadership and ample resources, we will break down that stagnant leadership and replace it with better, forward-moving representation.

REASON TWO: Keep the best and brightest around

Political opportunities for young progressives are slim to none in Idaho. Currently, the largest and most common opportunity is unpaid internships for campaigns or the Legislative Session. The funnel to a paid position is so small that individuals often find themselves in yet another internship after already completing one. This gap makes it extremely difficult to climb the ladder and deters young progressives from pursuing a political career altogether. In turn, it decreases support for current candidates. Even worse, it shrinks the pool of diversity for potential future representation. We want the best and brightest to represent us, which cannot happen when only Doug is left for the job. So, NextGen sustains young political participation by expanding opportunity and providing well-earned salaries.

REASON THREE: 2020 elections

We need all hands on deck for 2020. We need organized campaign teams, mass fundraising efforts, and people who know how to reach voters both at the door and on a widespread scale. NextGen goes beyond adding more hands. We seek out and recruit competent, eager political youths to help run the show. Past campaign efforts have been disconnected from each other, often having to reinvent the wheel and individually seek out help. However, NextGen will be a well-oiled machine that can properly network campaigns. If a campaign does not have a manager, NextGen can supply one. If campaigns are lacking communication, NextGen can implement regional communications coordinators. If a campaign is low on hands, NextGen can direct interns to their door. Well. Oiled. Machine.

Take it from them

Our Advisory Board is deeply committee to in Idaho Next Generation Leadership. See what they have to say the program.

Donor Q & A

If I donate to NextGen, where will my money go?

A majority of donations go toward providing proper living wages for our NextGeners. If we expect these young individuals to become Idaho’s future leaders, its critical we show them we value their time and effort. Your money may also go toward employee benefits or more fundraising efforts.

How will I be notified of NextGen’s progress?

NextGen’s Donor Updates keeps donors in the loop by sending out emails for important information about the organization’s milestones, fundraising events, and other relevant updates. If you have specific questions about NextGen’s current status, you are more than welcome to ask us at contact@idahonextgen.org.

How do I attend a fundraising event?

If you haven’t already, please sign up for NextGen’s Donor Updates and we will notify you of future events in your area. You can also check the Events page for any upcoming events.

Why should I give to NextGen?

Donating to NextGen sounds cause worthy, but it’s also a very practical investment. Please visit the Donate page for a more detailed understanding of what you’re building.